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Downloads Page

You can download our Catalog, in full color, on this page in PDF format.  (The PDF files are locked so you can not print the pages, only view them.)  If you would rather have a hard-copy of the B&W Catalog mailed to you, you can order it from the first section of our online catalog.  (Click the "View Online Catalog" button at bottom of this page to order the B&W hard-copy.)

All files here are in Acrobat PDF format requiring Acrobat Reader v3.0 or newer to open and view.  If you don't have it, click the "Get Acrobat Reader" button on left.  It's free!  You'll get an Installer file from the Adobe download site that will install Acrobat Reader on your computer when you double click it.  Then come back to this page to download the PDF files to your desktop for later viewing.  It's that easy!

If downloading files to your computer's hard drive (desktop) is new to you, see the detailed instructions at the bottom of this page.  It may seem very difficult, but it's not once you've done it.

Note : If you don't "right click" (for PC's) or "click & hold" (for Mac) but instead just CLICK the "Download" button or File Name, many browsers will assume you want to OPEN & VIEW the files within your browser. This can be disappointing since the 6 meg Catalog file might take 20-30 minutes (at 28.8 baud) just to view, and another 20-30 minutes if you then want to save it! (This is a browser option that can be defined in the browser's preferences under "File Helpers" or "Helpers" or "Applications" . Unfortunately, most browsers are preset to view the PDF file online rather than set to save to your computer's hard drive on desktop.)

Right-click, Save
File Name
Sample page of Catalog in COLOR
  Page 20
FULL PYW! Catalog in COLOR
First 1/3 of Catalog in COLOR
  Pages 1-9
Second 1/3 of Catalog in COLOR
  Pages 10-20
Last 1/3 of Catalog in COLOR
  Pages 21-25
FULL Catalog Black & White
  A Smaller File, but Low-Resolution
Listing of Patterns: prices, sizes,
  number pieces, resizing ranges

If you are new to downloading files from the web, click here --> How to Download Files

(Typical download speeds: @28.8Kbs, 150K = ~1 min.,  @56Kbs, 300K = ~1 min.)

  Detailed Instructions - How to Download

Step 1:  Right-Click the download button (Mac: click and hold)
  PC: Using mouse, right-click on the "Download" button or File Name.
  MAC: Click and hold mouse button on "Download" button or Name.

Step 2:  Select download options and location for download.
  Netscape:                Choose option "Save This Link as.."
  AOL:                          Choose " Download Link to.."
  Internet Explorer:   Choose "Save Target as..".

This allows you to download (save) the file to your hard drive--choose a location easy to find later like your desktop. Otherwise, you'll be searching for where the file went. If offered these format choices, choose "SOURCE" or "RAW DATA" rather than "TEXT".

Step 3:  Open the downloaded file. To open the saved file, just double-click the downloaded file if it has the Acrobat icon on it. If it shows as a "generic" file (blank icon), instead of double-clicking it, first start up Acrobat Reader, then go to file menu, choose Open, and locate the downloaded file, select it, and then click the Open button.

If you would rather view our patterns online, or want to order a hard-copy in B&W of the Patterns... Your Way! Catalog, click the button below:

(Online Catalog opens here in a new window.)
Online Catalog
If Online Catalog window does not open, you probably are using software
like PopUp Stopper that prevents opening a new window. You will need
to disable it in order to enter our Online Catalog & Shopping Cart.

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