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How to Order Patterns

To order patterns from our Catalog's collection of over 500 designs, either standard size or custom-sized, just click the "View Online Catalog" link below and place your order ONLINE in our new shopping cart.  The patterns are B&W line drawings, tiled on 8.5x11 pages in an Acrobat PDF file e-mailed to you.  Note: We accept no phone orders and no longer accept faxed orders. Place all orders directly online.

ALL PATTERNS ARE OFFERED ONLY IN ACROBAT PDF FORMAT.   You no longer have to deal with shipping/postal costs and can have your patterns within a few hours*!  Your order will be e-mailed to you as a PDF formatted file attachment, often the same day*!   You merely download the attached file to your desktop then double-click the file -- Acrobat Reader will start up and display your pattern(s).   Print the pages using common 8.5x11 paper, trim 2 edges of each page along the dotted lines, and TAPE THE PAGES TOGETHER to make your full-sized pattern.  Our e-mail letter to you with your pattern order comes with complete instructions on how to print & assemble the pages to make your full-sized pattern. 

*Note: Cut off for orders is 3 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific) Mondays & Thursdays.  We process orders on Mondays & Thursdays and your order is e-mailed out in the evening of those days.

FASTER, CHEAPER, and NO COST FOR EXTRA COPIES!  And, if you print to 65 LB. CARD STOCK, you'll already have your pattern ready for cutting, eliminating the need for tracing to pattern paper!  This 65 LB. CARD STOCK paper is commonly available at office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples.  Check your printer's specs to see if it can use this heavier paper....most can.

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Questions about your pattern order?

If you have questions about your pattern order, reply to the Order Confirmation e-mail sent you right after you submitted your order, or to the e-mail letter sent you with your pattern order.

If you did not receive an Order Confirmation, you probably entered an invalid e-mail address with your order.  In this case e-mail us at:
, or send a fax to the fax number shown in our logo at the top of each page.  (Note:  We do not respond to inquires about patterns like "Do you have a pattern of .....?"  See bottom of this page.)  Our replies to your e-mail letters are sent to the address your e-mail program provides as the "Reply To" address.  So be sure that setting in your e-mail program's preferences (or setup) is entered correctly!  If no one ever replies to your letters, that's why.

Orders are sent to the e-mail address you entered when you checked out -- be sure it is correct!  Also, be sure you have not set up your e-mail program or ISP to "filtered out" e-mail with file attachments. 

How You Will Receive Your Pattern Order

Your pattern order will be e-mailed to you.  The e-mail letter will have a PDF file attached to it (a "file attachment") that has your pattern(s) in it.  You will need to "download" the file attachment to your hard drive before you can open the PDF file using Acrobat Reader.  If this process is new to you, read the next section for instructions on getting the file attachment out of the e-mail letter.

Downloading PDF File Attachment to your Desktop

Important:  Before trying to open the file we attached to your e-mail letter, you must ask your e-mail program to download (or "save") the file attachment to your hard drive.  (To see the file attachment's icon, you must first click the file attachment tab or file attachment icon in the e-mail letter window -- usually an icon of a paperclip.)  Do not try to double-click the file's icon when it is INSIDE your e-mail program's letter because it usually is unreadable by Acrobat Reader until it has been fully downloaded (or "saved") to your hard drive.  When the attached file's icon is displayed in your e-mail letter, there are two ways to get it on your desktop:

1)  Drag it to your desktop.   For most newer computers (and all Mac's), you can move it* (or "save it:) to your desktop simply by dragging it* from your e-mail letter's window to your desktop. If your computer or e-mail program does not support this drag-and-drop feature, use the next option. *Note: "it" refers to the icon of the attached file, NOT the paperclip icon. (You CLICK the paperclip icon to SEE the icon of the file attachment.)

2)  Right-click the file attachment icon.  
         a)  First, right-click (Mac: click & hold) the file attachment's icon in the e-mail letter. This will cause a menu to be displayed asking what you want to do with the file.
         b)  From the menu, choose (depending on what e-mail program and operating system you are using) "Save Target As.." or "Save File to.." or "Save Link As.." or "Download Link To..". This will cause a dialog box to open asking you to select WHERE you want to save the file.
         c)  Choose your desktop as the location to which it will be saved.
         d)  Click "Save" to put the file attachment on your desktop.

When the PDF file attachment is on the desktop, it should have an icon that looks like one of these icons, indicating that you successfully downloaded it to your desktop and that your operating system recognizes the file as an Acrobat PDF file:

Now all you have to do is double-click the icon of the downloaded PDF file to start up Acrobat Reader so you can view and print your pattern(s).

Occassionally, some operating systems will not recognize the file as a PDF file. In this case, the icon of the file on your desktop will be a generic (or blank) icon instead of as shown above. If this happens, simply start up Acrobat Reader, and go to the File menu in Acrobat Reader and choose "Open";  then navigate to your desktop and select the PDF file. 
Even if the file is not "associated" with Acrobat Reader (which causes the icon to be blank or generic), the PDF file will still be able to be opened this way.

If you need more detailed help in dowloading your order's PDF file attachment, click the "Need Help Opening or Printing Patterns from file attachments.." link in the left menu before writing us. 99% of all your questions will be answered on that page.

Terms of Service

WE DO NOT POSTAL MAIL FULL-SIZED PRINTED PATTERNS.  When you order a pattern from our Online Catalog, you are ordering a B&W line pattern that is formatted as an Acrobat PDF file, tiled on 8.5x11 pages that you will need to print to your own printer using common 8.5x11 paper.  You will then need to trim each of the pages printed (the larger the pattern size, the more pages will be printed), and tape together the trimmed pages to make your full-sized pattern.  This PDF file will be e-mailed to you as a file attachment and will be password protected -- the password is a combination of the credit card number and expiration date used to make the purchase.  YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILE ATTACHMENTS SENT TO YOU VIA e-MAIL, AND SHOULD HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DOWNLOADED OTHER FILE ATTACHMENTS TO YOUR DESKTOP BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER AT OUR SITE.  We are not obligated to provide you with training on how to accomplish this task.

We e-mail you an order confirmation within 5 minutes after you place your order.  If you find that you ordered in error, you must reply to that e-mailed order confirmation immediately so that we can make needed corrections to your order before processing it.  OUR CONTRACT WITH YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE OF OUR SERVICE IS COMPLETED WHEN WE e-MAIL YOUR ORDER, WITH THE PATTERNS INSIDE AN ATTACHED ACROBAT PDF FILE, TO THE e-MAIL ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED.  NO REFUNDS ARE PROVIDED ONCE THE ORDER IS PROCESSED EVEN IF YOU ORDERED THE WRONG ITEMS OR WRONG SIZES.  It is your responsibility to have available a reliable internet connection so as to successfully download PDF file attachements as large as 750K.  We make no refunds if you are unable to download the order's file attachment(s) because: your internet connection is not able to provide a reliable and continuous connection time for a full transfer of your order's file attachment without file corruption, or, your e-mail host is unable to accept file attachments, or, your e-mail box is full causing the e-mail letter and file attachment to be returned.  [A 750K file attachment will download in approx. 6 - 10 minutes with a typical 28.8K modem connection; half this time with a 56K modem.]  Should you fail to download a usable file, we will provide, if needed, UP TO TWO ADDITIONAL RE-SENDS of your order.  If a second re-send is needed, we will ask you to first to provide an alternate e-mail address that will be added to the letter as a "cc:" address so that a friend or relative may assist you in receiving your order successfully.  After the order is e-mailed on the second resend, we are not obligated to provide any additional re-sends.  If such occurs, no refunds will be provided as our obligation was fulfilled at the end of our first e-mailing to you.  (By the way, we send each order back to one of our own e-mail addresses at a different domain as a bcc: address so that we know the file we sent you was valid, usable, and uncorrupted when sent.)

UNREASONABLE DISPUTES OF CREDIT CARD CHARGES FOR PURCHASES:  If you unreasonably dispute charges made for purchases on our site and those charges are clearly displayed on our site to fulfill your order and we have to provide documents to your credit card company to support those charges you may be subject to an additional charge up to $20 to cover the time and cost of providing those documents to your credit card company. You agree to this additional charge if your credit card company agrees with us on the validity of the charges.

When you place an order using our online catalog you are purchasing a service rather than merchandise and you agree to be legally bound by the terms set forth above.

Please do not e-mail us asking "Do you have a pattern of ...?"  If it's not in our catalog, the answer is "No", and we just cannot respond to these inquiries.  Instead, download the Catalog and use the SEARCH button in Acrobat Reader or use the Seach page in our Online Catalog.  We've embedded hidden keywords for each pattern so that searching the catalog in either the PDF file or online catalog way will take you quickly to the pattern matching your inquiry.  Use the Seach features to find subjects by entering keywords.  Suggestion: Always enter root words like “flower” instead of “flowers” or “flowering” to find all occurrences of your subject.  Keep in mind, searching on "dog" will find patterns of dogs and dogwood blossoms.

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