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Previous Monthly Patterns

Click to view the previous monthly patterns sent.

You can order our previous monthly patterns in PDF format directly from our new Online Catalog & Shopping Cart -- as individual patterns, sets of the series, or a bundle pack of all previous series.  The previous monthly patterns are in the last section on the Browse our Catalog page in our shopping cart.  Just click the button below to enter the cart.

We charge just $7.95 for handling and customizing the PDF file for each series of patterns, or, $34.95 for the Bundle Pack which includes all currently completed sets of previous patterns -- 107 full-size pattterns.    Each set of patterns (Series #1, #2, etc., as shown below) is included in a PDF file (~500K-900K) that is e-mailed to you.  The Bundle Pack includes all completed previous pattern series, and is e-mailed to you as multiple e-mail letters each with one file attachment.  You then download (save) the file attachment to your desktop and open it with Acrobat Reader.  Then just print the pages for the pattern(s) you want just like you do for the Monthly Patterns.

Click below to enter our
online catalog and shopping cart where you can order our previous monthly patterns and all the regular patterns in our catalog that can be custom-sized to fit your exact needs. The previous monthly pattern sets are listed in the last section of the online catalog:

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Previous Monthly Patterns:

Series #1

Series# 2

Series #3

Series #4

Series #5

Series #6

Series #7

Series #8

Series #9 - The Full Carousel Series

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